Our Concept

We believe that highest priority when learning a language must have the ability to communicative competence in that foreign language.
On the basis of that believe we focus on a pragmatic-functional training that is practical and made to suit the individual needs of our learners.

We guarantee a learning success with our tailor-made contents, the authentic simulation of real-life situations as well as activity oriented exercises and projects that give our learners the possibility to practice in direct dialogue with the neighbouring community.

The effective transfer of grammatical structures and skills is crucial but we attribute particular importance to oral language production without neglecting reading and writing skills.

To meet our hight claims we carefully choose and mix differentiated training methods and training material – considering culture-specific issues and learning traditions as well as latest neuropsychological developments.

Based on that and because of the high level of commitment of our professional trainers means learning with Sprachzentrale Leipzig highly efficient and relaxed learning with fun.