Language Training With Us …

means learning a language with highly qualified staff in a course that is tailor-made, exciting and fun, very effective and comprises regular feedback and individual coaching.


Our private lessons enables you to immerse into the foreign language you learn in the best and most individual way. Why?

The trainer can perfectly adjust to the learners’ personality and it’s needs and is able to customize the learning concept whenever necessary and is able to choose the most effective learning strategies and exercises.This results in the best possible learning effect. 90 minutes per class appears to be the ideal length.


You should definitely go for the partner training, if you have the possibility and if you fulfill two requirements: First you should have a common (language) objective and second have a similar language level!
Just like in the One-To-One lessons the trainer can perfectly adjust to your personality and needs … In addition to that you have a training partner before and after class. The optimum length of time are 135 or 90 minutes.


Learning a language in a small group up to 4 people or in a regular group training from about 6 up to 12 people is a very good choice for groups that pursue a common target. This joint goal is most important for a successful group training, as is a common agenda, language level and motivation. A group training will be individually designed but cannot be so easily adjusted as a private lesson. It is perfect for vocational & exam preparation, general long-term language training and travelling issues and as such a cost-effective but successful alternative.


With our Language Special we developed compact modules with contents that usually have no place in a regular training to such an extent but are essential for learning a language successfully:

  • Learning Strategies & Techniques
  • Pronounciation Training (starting at level A1)
  • Accent? No thanks! (starting at level B2)
  • Intercultural Training
  • Comprehension & Decoding of Texts



Are you interested in Blended Learning, a Tutor Service oder a specific topic for a language training? Please contact us!


Language Training With Us:

We have over 10 years of experience in langauge training and intercultural learning with over 1000 learners from over 54 countries.

We are techniqually and methodically up-to-date and know alle new and relevant learning materials. With our experience we don’t jump onto every train, don’t miss one but choose the right one! That enables us to assemble carefully the learning materials that makes learning as easy as possible, is fun, motivates and let you reach your goals in the fastest way.

To deal with the target language not only in class but also after class (and before :-)) is another key to success. The internet offers great and countless possibilities for every taste and every goal!

Learning groups are a great and fun way for effective learning outside classroom. Meet at fixed hours and determine issues and get started! You can control learning, exchange, reherse and test your practical skills – with no “risk”!